Dear Ladies, VIP-course "Femininity flamenco" this summer will take place on the coast of Southern Europe. The duration is 10 days, 1.5 hours per class, morning. For details call the studio or e-mail us.

Lena Hernandez’s Master Class
(for ladies of any weight and age)
Dear señores!
When reading such advertisements the reader usually immediately decides for himself “this isn’t for me”: wrong figure, wrong weight, and wrong age. From childhood you haven’t been taught to move gracefully, and now it is already late; you are so tight… After all, nimbleness is either inherited or it isn’t.
Actually you wouldn’t be that far from the truth. To dance “Giselle” you need a certain physical condition and be still fairly young to answer the requirements of daily rehearsals.
In fact I am talking about the ability to move gracefully and skillfully:
As a woman,
According to my age,
And in harmony with my individuality,
Which is to say that I am talking about accepted convention in plastique. An older lady moves differently from a young woman and the motions of a plain woman differ from those of a slender woman; the difference really should be sought in distinctiveness, not in shortcomings. How can this be achieved?
Let me first of all precise that I teach grace in movement – and dance as its quintessence – and that any sportive record here is irrelevant. Surely a well developed body acquired on the gym apparatus is not a bad thing, but... don’t we already see so many ridgy athletes? Though, if you look with some adversity at your morning exercises this shouldn’t be an excuse for rejecting any movement altogether.
There is no such thing as a body unsuited for dancing; there is however, inappropriate method. In order to move gracefully you need not quite lift up your legs or perform a “bridge” – what you rather need is to feel your body and emphasize its individuality. Think that being dissatisfied with your figure is the most difficult but also most typical predicament: and since for a few decades you have already been fighting a cold war with your own body, let me teach you now, how to live with it in peace.
Much has been written about the "psychological age" as the age which Man naturally experiences as his own. Let me now introduce the definition "psychological body ": ask yourself, do you live in harmony with your present condition or do you rather dream each day of things superfluous: weight, breasts, hips, age...
Apropos, talking about age, which is more gracious and agile – a kitten or a grown cat? Surely, the sight of a shy and tight cow elephant would seem rather implausible. Man indeed is the only mammal loosing agility with age. Do not lose sight either of the fact that today’s youth style is derived from the deliberate and reckless negligence stimulated in acidic discotheques and that it can only but yield to composed and quiet confidence with regard to dress and movements. You may have rights, but not the right to cheapness.
The course which I have called "Feminity in Flamenco" precisely exploits this feature of Spanish plastique: inner pride. Flamenco is not an art in the "services sector" as may be the occasion with eastern belly dancing: performing eastern dances you may win fans but dancing flamenco you will realize yourself.
Thus, I would portray the ideal woman as follows: she has never danced and is convinced she’ll never dance because of all that of which she is deprived: relaxedness, a sense of rhythm, a suitable figure, youth – none of which are actually needed here.
During the master-class which altogether lasts two hours, you will be challenged to radically change these views and trust in your right to feminine plastique.

Lena Hernandez