Offer for hotels abroad: flamenco workshops for women on vacation and concerts (jazz, flamenco).

Ladies and gentlemen,
it is essential to keep your clientele interested, and we are offering you and your hotel the perfect solution: an author’s dancing course “Womanly Plastique” by Lena Hernandez.
It is very important for us that you do not perceive this project as just another animation activity.
Our clientele comprises women from Moscow and many European cities, who wish to change their physique and learn the art of dance.
Our clients are well-off ladies, who wish and can take care of themselves. This author’s course, entered in the Cambridge intellectual dictionary, will allow you to move gracefully on official receptions or even take the stage at some point. One of the key phrases of our leaflets firmly states: “Considerable weight and age are much welcome”.

Details on the project.
10 days every morning the ladies take 1,5 hour’s dancing plastique lessons under the guidance of Lena Hernandez . Our requirements are a hall with mirrors, the flooring doesn’t matter. It is very important for the ladies to read Lena Hernandez’ short novel beforehand, which will be the turning point of their decision to take the course.
In the evenings – or every other evening - the ladies will have the opportunity to boast their newly acquired abilities on a golden era jazz-style concert and dance party. Our official name for the party is “Jazz – the 20-ies, 30-ies, 40-ies” , we suggest holding it in a restaurant-hall format. Every 1,5-2 hours three dancers will step on stage and perform (10-12 times in the course of one evening). Each time they will change costumes – boas, hats, stockings, gloves, - and the pauses will be filled with jazz music.
It is important not to use contemporary tunes (we can provide the music if necessary) and to keep to the dress code. The upper middle class will doubtlessly choose a dancing restaurant over a contemporary discotheque and pay a visit. Those who do not wish to dance can simply have an enjoyable dinner while watching the concert. Of course, it’s not only the ladies or hotel guests who might be interested in watching and participating.
It is possible to hold one or several concerts in a different style – that of Spanish Flamenco.
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