Lena Hernandez (born Silva Santa Hernandez Manuela Grandtierra del Carmen de las Casas, her actual name Lena Hernandez adopted in 1972 when she moved from Spain to Russia, born April 7, 1958 in Spain, Toledo) – dancer, choreographer, author of a dance course “Feminity of flamenco”, founder of a Lena Hernandez’s Moscow flamenco school.

As a choreographer Lena Hernandez created for the moment three performances: “Flamenco duende”, “Flamenco in the wings” and “Let’s dance jazz”.

Lena Hernandez’s Flamenco school is a dance band existing in Moscow for more then 10 years. Its repertoire consists of more then 40 dances of different style – from modern and jazz dances to especial Gypsy flamenco. Concerts permanently take place in Moscow (The Central House of Journalists, casino “Crystall”, “Golden Palace”, “Metelica”, Nakhabino club, art-café “Durov”, theatre “Modern play school”) and are shown on TV (on the First TV-channel, “Russia” and “Cultura” channels). The school participate in different dance concerts and evening parties, give performances on a tour and charity performances.

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