You need to start dancing flamenco:

- to remind yourself that you are a woman
- to catch men’s interest
- to improve your figure and bearing
- to perform at concerts.

Plastique of Every Day

Maybe the latter phrase will embarrass you: your weight, age, figure are unsuitable…
But what I am talking about is the ability to move gracefully and adequately to your gender, your age, your personality–in other words, natural, worldly gracefulness. A middle-aged lady moves differently from a young girl, and a plump one differently from a slim one; but it should be just differences, not shortcomings.
For you — Lena Hernandez’s course

«Femininity in Flamenco — Plastique of Every Day».


It is possible to give a free master class at your Embassy jazz of the 1920s and flamenco—1,5 hrs, after which you will dance noticeably better than before.
It is efficient even for those with no dancing experience.


Moscow, Noviy Arbat, Bolshaya Molchanovka 23.
Wednesday 16:00-17:30
+7 985 967 29 10